The new Executive, elected 7 May 1994, amended by Board resolution 17 July: President: Derek Paul (to September 1994) Vice-President: Tom Davis Secretary: John Valleau (to September 1994); Peter Nicholls (Sept.- ) Treasurer: Peter Nicholls (to September 1994); Derek Paul (Sept.- ) Members at large: Eric Fawcett, Terry Gardner, John Valleau (Sept.-) Temporarily Eric Fawcett … Read more Executive

Noam Chomsky Lectures

UN Day, Monday October 24. Lois and John Dove Memorial Lecture (by invitation). Tuesday October 25,8:00 p.m. Convocation Hall, University of Toronto. Science for Peace Lecture: The Middle East: Prospects for Peace and Justice Sponsored by Science for Peace, the Student Christian Movement and the Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation. Tickets $10 including taxes.

New Book

Science for Peace has just published a book written by eleven members of the Canadian Pugwash Group, entitled: World Security: the New Challenge. This book, divided into four parts, deals with historical, political, social, finalicial and environmental questions relevant to planning well into the next century. Retail price $19.99; $12 to members. A book launch … Read more New Book

In Memoriam: Linus Pauling 1901-1994

With the death of Linus Pauling the scientific community has lost one of its greatest members, a man who has been compared with such scientists as Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein. Pauling’s contributions to science covered a wide range, and he will no doubt be remembered for different things by different people; Chemists … Read more In Memoriam: Linus Pauling 1901-1994

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