Publications Journal Review

‘Science and Global Security: The Technical Basis for Arms Control and Environment Policy Initiatives’, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, UK Marketing Dept., P.O. Box 17, London England WC2E 9PX. The first edition of this excellent new journal covers the following topics: ‘Verified Elimination of Nuclear Warheads’, ‘Verification of Limits on SLCM’s’ … Read more Publications Journal Review

National 'Peace from Science' Award

This award, sponsored by Science for Peace and administered through Youth Science Foundation (YSF), was first offered in 1987, when it was won by a project on Nuclear Winter. The co-winners, two high school girls from Ottawa, were taken to the opening days of the UN-sponsored Disarmament and Development Conference in New York in August. … Read more National 'Peace from Science' Award

Report on the status of the project, Education and the Media

Peter Brogden, Eric Fawcett, Shirley Farlinger, and Jean Smith have prepared a list of some of the members of Science for Peace as a resource for the print media. We want them to recognize Science for Peace as an organization made up of informed, involved and concerned people who are willing to make comments or … Read more Report on the status of the project, Education and the Media

A Pleasing Announcement followed by A Plea for Your Assistance

The Facts We are delighted to announce that, as of February, Marion Dove has become SfP’s first Coordinator/Secretary, in charge of the National Office and of communications in our organization. Already our operation has become immeasurably smoother and more efficient. Marion is a daughter of John and Lois Dove, who gave so much of themselves … Read more A Pleasing Announcement followed by A Plea for Your Assistance

Low-Level Flying: Quebec/Labrador

As reported in the Bulletin, Vol. 9. No. 3, one of the projects initiated at the November retreat in Ontario was ‘Militarism and the Environment’. Initial focus has been on the NATO low-level flying in Quebec/Labrador, and the possibility of a NATO Tactical Fighter Centre being established at Goose Bay. An Environmental Impact Study has … Read more Low-Level Flying: Quebec/Labrador

Technologies for Peace: Canada Proceeds Cautiously

News and Views from Our UN Representative It appears that the Canadian government is beginning along a path which Science for Peace has long recommended: the development of technologies (especially airborne and satellite surveillance) for UN peace-keeping and verification. In his address to the UN General Assembly in September, 1989, the Secretary of State for … Read more Technologies for Peace: Canada Proceeds Cautiously

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