Doing Science for Peace

Tribute to Our Common Future, the World Media Institute, Inc., 549 Besserer St., Ottawa K1N 6C6 In April, 1987 newspapers carried lengthy stories about the Brundtland Report, a three-year study by the World Commission on Environment and Development headed by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, prime minister of Norway. September,1987 — World Media,Inc. published this special … Read more Doing Science for Peace


The Name Of The Chamber Was Peace Janis Alton, Eric Fawcett, L.T. Gardner, editors. Samuel Stevens and Co. Toronto & Fort Myers,1988 (Editor’s note: Philip Wallace’s major, pre-publication review is not reprinted here since members received an extensive review of the contents of the book with the January Bulletin. only Professor Wallace’s conclusions about the … Read more Bookshelf


Debate At Brock Be it resolved that in the opinion of this House, the countries of NATO should renounce unilaterally the use and the threat of using nuclear weapons under all circumstances, and without condition destroy all stocks of such devices, and that this should be done quite independently of any action or lack thereof … Read more Notes

The Peace from Science Award

Dear Colleagues, Once again Science for Peace and the Youth Science Foundation will be sponsoring a National Award on Peace from Science for an appropriate project by high school students. Last year we received eleven nominations from regional and Canada-wide Science Fairs. Several could have been worthy of recognition, and an Honorable Mention was awarded … Read more The Peace from Science Award

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