TORONTO CHAPTER held its second annual meeting April 7. Officers for the coming year are Ray Kapral (president), Phyllis Creighton (secretary), and Stan Jeffers (treasurer). Other members of the executive committee are Jim King (v.p. research) and Terry Gardner (v.p. education). Members of the Board are Janis Alton, Eric Fawcett, Myriam Fernandez, Kateryna Kaufman, Lee … Read more Chapters


Ontario Plays Host: June 4-7, McMaster University, Hamilton, CPREA annual conference and the Learned Societies meetings. Playing For Peace Young musicians in Toronto present their second annual peace concert May 22 at St. Matthew’s United Church, St. Clair West and Rushton Road at 8 pm. Organizer is Mary Lee. Beginning July 1, Michael Lanphier will … Read more Newsworthy

Focus on Education

(Continued from April) The objectives of all education can be summarized in four inter-related goals: information, training, indoctrination, and enlightenment. David Parnas, in his letter on peace education, recommends more emphasis on information. (“The courses would concentrate on science and technology…”) and less on indoctrination. (“We have to avoid appearing interested only in propaganda.”) The … Read more Focus on Education


Focus: Moscow. Robert Hunter (pres., SANA-Australia) Moscow Forum Report; Mikhail Gorbachov’s address to the Forum; and Time’s (March 16) interview with Andrei Sakharov. TASS, Proposal by Warsaw Treaty Countries to NATO April 10, 1987. Copies available from the Bulletin. From TIME, March 16, 1987: Andrei Sakharov, “Of Arms and Reforms”. Recommended: Two important March, 1987 … Read more Bookshelf

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