From the Winter Accidental Nuclear War Prevention Newsletter: (SfP member) Prof. Cedric Smith, of University College, London, and his associates are composing a letter on short decision time dangers for newspaper editors in England. Kenneth Hare (U of Toronto) will head Ontario’s $1.5 million study of the safety of the Candu nuclear generating system used … Read more Newsworthy


Barry O’Neill, Game Theory and the Study of the Deterrence of War, a paper prepared for the Research Workshop on Deterrence, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, Nov., 1986. Chandler Davis, Sociobiology’s Claim to Explain Humanity, 1980 draft. Robert Malcolmson, The Pursuit of Security in the Nuclear Age. The article has just been … Read more Bookshelf


Tokyo, Nov 8, 1986 Enclosed please find issues of Mainichi Daily News and japan Times which carry articles describing the exhibit in Beijing of the exhibit “The Threat of Nuclear War”. The exhibit was supported by not only United Nations organizations but also various Chinese organizations to mark United Nations Day and United Nations Disarmament … Read more Letters


In collaborating with the National Youth Science Foundation in its Science from Peace Award Program, Science for Peace is fulfilling one of its most important tasks. The seduction of scientists into the service of war cannot be wholly ascribed to the lucrative career opportunities offered by weapons research and strategic studies. Part of the problem … Read more Editorial

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