Christian Bay, On the Contest between Politics and Pseudopolitics, paper delivered at 9th annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology,Amsterdam, July, 1986. 36th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs. Papers available on request: List of participants George Ignatieff, The Role of Non-Nuclear-Weapons States in Efforts to Reduce the Nuclear Danger Within Alliances. … Read more Bookshelf

Psychology Of Peacemaking Discussed In Amsterdam

Anatol Rapoport and I represented SfP at the 9th annual meeting of the Intl Soc. of Political Psychology this summer in Amsterdam. The ISPP brings together academics from all the social and behavioural sciences (even the occasional biologist) with theorists and practitioners of politics from all parts of the world. This year peace and conflict … Read more Psychology Of Peacemaking Discussed In Amsterdam


Not The Right Answer OTTAWA — A letter signed by a group of leaders of the Canadian organization Science for Peace was published recently in THE GLOBE AND MAIL. The name of G. Ignatieff, President of this organization, a high ranking diplomat in the past, the former representative of Canada in the UN Security Council, … Read more Notes

International Day of Peace

OTTAWA– Our service members have long been in the forefront of the UN’s efforts to ease tensions around the world. Between 1947 and 1985 some 77,000 Canadian Forces personnel have taken part in 15 UN peacekeeping operations and in three truce supervisory missions conducted outside the United Nations.Through collective security as well as our international … Read more International Day of Peace

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