William Epstein, “A Test Ban – Halting the Nuclear Arms Race”.Reprint from the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 23 April. (From the national office.) CIIPS REPORT on “Negotiations for Peace in Central America”, a Conference Report by Liisa North. Proceedings of the roundtable on the subject in Ottawa 27-28 Sept. For a free copy, write to CUPS, … Read more Bookshelf


Verifying BW London, Ont. 12 May I am currently working on a contract with the Verification Section of Arms Control and Disarmament CDept. of External Affairs). The contract, entitled “Collateral Analysis and the Verification of Compliance with the Obligations of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention which came into force in 1975 prohibits the development, … Read more Letters

Nuclear Winter Threat

Given the recognition of the fact that nuclear “deterrence” is unstable, in that,given an international crisis, each opponent is under pressure to strike first, Don Bates (Montreal) proposes a higher order deterrent which would guarantee devastation for aggressor as well as victim. His simple proposal is that missile silos be surrounded by large numbers of … Read more Nuclear Winter Threat


It is significant that the reactor accident was detected through the Swedish radioactive air monitoring system. The Swedish system is unique and has no parallel in Canada. It detects airborne radioactivity in a routine way all over the country and at an exceedingly high level of sensitivity. In 1982 Sweden proposed an international radioactive data … Read more Chernobyl

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