Liked Watkins letter Richmond, Ky, USA “We read your Bulletin with interest each time, and especially liked the letter from Mel Watkins on the first page of the newest one. Thanks for all the effort and time you put into getting this out!” – Connie McLanahan Swarthmore Peace Collection Swarthmore, Penna, USA “The Swarthmore College … Read more Letters


John Polanyi, “Time for More ‘NO’ in NORAD?”, reprint from the Globe and Mail, 2/12/85. Available from the national office. Anatol Rapoport, Two articles from the Encyclopedia of Peace Science (Ed. Ervin Laslow), Game Theory and Aggres­sion. Available from the national office. Between We are the Maginot Line, The No Man’s Land, The Uncounted Country. … Read more Notes


Dianne DeMille has been named editor of the new quarterly publication of CIIPS, the very handsome jour­nal Peace & Security, whose Vol.1, No.1 appeared in spring, 1986. Design and production is by the Spencer Francey Group, Ottawa/Toronto.Invited articles in the first issue examined Canada’s role in NORAD (David Cox), the outlook for Guatemala (Tim Draimin) … Read more Newsworthy

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