Security and disarmament Sydney, Australia I recently came across your dis­cussion paper ‘Security and Disarms­ment’ of February, 1982. I was very interested to read of your support for an international satellite surveillance system. Enclosed is a copy of a recent book in which I also endorse that proposal.” – Keith Suter Keith Suter, Peaceworking: The … Read more Letters


Roger Walsh, Staying Alive: The Psychology Of Human Survival, Shamb­hala (New Science Library), Boulder, Colorado, 1984. Roger Walsh has succeeded in pre­paring a brief ,highly readable over­view of psychological issues in the present global crisis. The book is organized into four sections: Crises of population, resour­ces, the environment and the threat of nuclear annihila­tion; Psychological … Read more Reviews

NPT Conference

Despite the foreboding situation the 1985 review conference did suc­ceed in achieving a final declara­tion by consensus. The parties de­clared their conviction that the NPT is essential to international peace and security and reaffirmed their continued support for the objectives of the Treaty – to prevent the pro­liferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear explosive devices, … Read more NPT Conference

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