For getting post-Summit bearings: Alva Myrdal, The Game of Disarma­ment, Pantheon Books, N.Y., 1978, Paperback, $7.75 in Canada. This is a sobering and detailed study… Read More »Bookshelf


Security and disarmament Sydney, Australia I recently came across your dis­cussion paper ‘Security and Disarms­ment’ of February, 1982. I was very interested to read of… Read More »Letters


Roger Walsh, Staying Alive: The Psychology Of Human Survival, Shamb­hala (New Science Library), Boulder, Colorado, 1984. Roger Walsh has succeeded in pre­paring a brief ,highly… Read More »Reviews

Two Men

I wonder if long ago, Long ago, Before dinosaurs walked, Or turtle’s swam, Before Earth’s cap was wooded. Before Arabia was anchored in sand, I… Read More »Two Men