There are other complex historical forces making for the increase of threats, which involve for instance the alliance of the threat system with what I have sometimes called the ‘masculine mystique’ of potency, as satirized so eloquently in the movie Doctor Strangelove. Unfortunately we do not know much about the dynamics of the distribution of … Read more Quotes

For your bookshelf

First Choice: Essential Reading on peace and disarmament. Pamphlet bibliography produced by Library and Information Workers for peace, 118 Hampton Ave., Toronto, Ontario MIX 211 Space-based missile defence A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, 26 Church St., Cambridge, MA 02238 Nuclear Winter: a new dimension far the nuclear debate. by Christopher Meredith, Owen … Read more For your bookshelf

Members in the news

S4P board members, Norman Alcock, Canadian Peace Research Institute, Huntsville, Ont., William Epstein, UNITAR, and Margaret Fulton_,_ president, Mount St. Vincent University at Halifax, N.S., are on the board of Canada’s new Institute for Peace and Security. Prof. Fulton was elected vice-president at an October organizing meeting. The executive director had not been chosen at … Read more Members in the news

Classified Scientific Research

A recent Associated Press article by Paul Raebum recounted the withdrawal of 100 of 700 papers due to be presented at a meeting of photo-optical instrumentation engineers last summer in San Diego. This occurred because Pentagon officials were concerned about the leakage of information to the Soviet Union. The vulnerability of research grants to this … Read more Classified Scientific Research

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