84.10 More Science For Peace Business

Science For Peace Is Now A Registered Charity! We reproduce [in the pdf edition — web.ed] a copy of the Notification of Registration issued by Revenue Canada Taxation. We are indebted to Clarkson Gordon, Chartered Accountants, for their help in preparing our submission for registration as a charity. Charitable Status Means: We are now able … Read more 84.10 More Science For Peace Business

84.09 Nuclear Winter

The recent report for Science magazine entitled “Global Atmospheric Consequences of Nuclear War”, the authors, R.P. Turco, O.B. Toon, T.P. Ackerman, J.B. Pollack and C. Sagon, have focussed attention on the prospect that the consequences of a nuclear exchange (even a “modest” one of 100 megatons detonated over urban centres) may well be extinction of … Read more 84.09 Nuclear Winter

84.07 Hi-Tech Militarism

We enclose a reprint with this title from the Nuclear Free Press Summer 1983. A subsequent Issue 20/Winter 1983-84 carries a follow-up article describing recent high-technology developments in conventional weapons. The Pentagon with its usual inimitable turn of phrase says: “a nuclear freeze is survivable” — meaning of course not that we shall survive but … Read more 84.07 Hi-Tech Militarism

84.06 Star Wars: ASAT and ABM (see enclosed article by John Polanyi)

President John F. Kennedy set the tone of the fledgling U.S. space effort over two decades ago: “For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the Moon, and we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of peace and freedom. … Read more 84.06 Star Wars: ASAT and ABM (see enclosed article by John Polanyi)

84.05 A New Security And Arms Control Centre For Canada

In the Speech from the Throne opening the 32nd Parliament of Canada, 7th December, 1983 was included the following announcement: …the Government will create a publicly funded centre to gather, collate and digest the enormous volume of information now available on defence and arms control issues. Fresh ideas and new proposals, regardless of source, will … Read more 84.05 A New Security And Arms Control Centre For Canada

Danger Of Accidental Nuclear War

The President of Science for Peace was invited, along with other initiating members of the Committee for the Canadian Third Track for Peace, to meet Prime Minister Trudeau on January 10, 1984. The following memorandum was handed to the Prime Minister following a brief oral presentation: WHEREAS: The danger of accidental nuclear war is greatly … Read more Danger Of Accidental Nuclear War

84.03 The Peace Initiative

Science for Peace responded to Prime Minister Trudeau’s Peace Initiative with the following proposals, which were prepared by an Ad Hoc Committee for the Third Rail Canadian Peace Initiative and transmitted to his Taskforce on December 6, 1983, before the Throne Speech: The establishment of a Crisis Alert Centre, whose purpose would be to detect … Read more 84.03 The Peace Initiative

84.02 Science For Peace Business

Directory President – Eric Fawcett (416) 978-5217 Secretary – Brydon Gombay (416) 978-6928 Treasurer – Derek Manchester (416) 978-2978 Education Director – Terry Gardner (416) 978-3183 Research Director – Derek Paul (416) 978-2971 Publicity Director – Metta Spencer (416) 828-5316 Bulletin Editor – Edward Barbeau (416) 978-8601 Room A102, University College University of Toronto Toronto, … Read more 84.02 Science For Peace Business

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