83.31. Don Bates Speaks At The Annual General Meeting

(April 6, 1983) Dr. Don G. Bates, Professor of History of Medicine, Chairman of the McGill Study Group for Peace and Disarmament and a director of Physicians for Social Responsibility (Canada) conducted a seminar on “After the Cruise — where next?” at the annual general meeting of Science for Peace in Toronto on April 6, … Read more 83.31. Don Bates Speaks At The Annual General Meeting

83.29. Letter From Hans Blumenfeld

(March 1, 1983) Is our Government telling us the truth about the cruise missile tests? Our Department of External Affairs has released on February 10, 1982, a “Communique” and “Background Notes” on the testing of defence systems in Canada. A careful study of these documents raises serious questions. The communique states that the system to … Read more 83.29. Letter From Hans Blumenfeld


83.27. Peace Lectures On FM Radio Tapes of the following University College Peace Studies lectures, aired on the Open College Series of CJRT-FM (Toronto), can be obtained from the S4P office. William Epstein, Consultant on disarmament for the Canadian government. “What to do about the Nuclear Threat” Kosta Tsipis, Professor, Science and Technology for International … Read more Publications

83.22. Editorial

The mounting evidence that any nuclear exchange would constitute an unparalled disaster upon humanity has hardly begun to reduce the momentum of the arms race. Many citizens, who recall events of the thirties and forties, are legitimately concerned with national security and the preservation of our democratic sotiety. Consequently, the disarmament campaign cannot ignore the … Read more 83.22. Editorial

Science for Peace

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