83.16 The Reaganization Of Research

The current U.S. Government view of its security requirements is leading to newly severe pressure to militarize scientific research. This has potential dangers for academic life, as well as for the health of Canadian research and economic development. The attempt is to control stringently the flow of information on unclassified research in broad areas. This … Read more 83.16 The Reaganization Of Research

83.5 S4P Executive Response To Nature Article By Vera Rich

1 December, 1982 Editor, Nature 4 Little Essex Street London WC2R 3LF ENGLAND Sir, Nature has from time to time criticizedindividual scientists and groups of scientists for their activities in behalf of peace and disarmament, especially in respect to nuclear weapons. But even this background left us unprepared for the tone and content of Vera … Read more 83.5 S4P Executive Response To Nature Article By Vera Rich

Science for Peace

Revised masthead: President – Eric Fawcett (416) 978-5217 Secretary – Brydon Gombay (416) 978-6928 Treasurer – Derek Manchester (416) 978-2978 Education Director – Terry Gardner (416) 978-6926 Research Director – Derek Paul (416) 978-2971 Publicity Director – Metta Spencer (416) 828-5316 Liaison Director – Rose Sheinin (416) 978-2754 Bulletin Editor – Edward Barbeau (416) 978-8601 … Read more Science for Peace

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