Book Nook

Dewes, Dr. Kate, Hiroshima and the World (essays) (Hiroshima Peace Media)
Ellis, Deb, Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children (Groundwood Books, 2008)
Falk, Richard and Kreiger, David, eds, At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation? (Macmillan, 2009) 316pp.
Leopold, Ellen, Under the Radar: Cancer and the Cold War (Rutgers University Press 2009)
Moore, Michael, Twilight War: The Folly of US Space Dominance (The Independent Institute)
Roche, Douglas, Creative Dissent: A Politician’s Struggle for Peace (Novalis, 2008)
Stein, Janice Gross and Lang, Eugene, The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar (Penguin Canada, 2007)

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