Good News

An apology has been given to Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples for the suffering they endured over the past centuries especially in the Indian Schools run by churches and the government with the intention of totally assimilating Aboriginal children into “white” society. (If Aboriginal land claims and resource rights had been established in Alberta it is likely the tar sands would not have been developed.)

Australia will establish a successor to the Canberra Commission with an international commission on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Work is proceeding on a ban on cluster munitions. Please sign the People’s Treaty on Cluster Munitions at

Friends of the Earth Canada and EcoJustice have launched a court case against PM Harper for failing to implement and enforce Canada’s signed agreement to honour the Kyoto Protocol.


Science For Peace (Towards a Just and Sustainable World) depends on its members for funding by membership fees and donations. Please be generous. Please encourage more people to join us.

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