IHTEC and the Working Group on Peace and Sustainability Education

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Science for Peace continues to give the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre (IHTEC) support for their Global Sustainability Education programs, via the working group on Education for Peace and Sustainability.

The importance of the evolving partnership with SfP ensures that IHTEC’s programs are discussed and developed through the influence of several SfP members. The inter-disciplinary big-picture thinking in the various sciences and in systems science has been integrated into IHTEC’s programs. IHTEC’s flagship program, International School Peace Gardens, continues to be nurtured in many schools in Canada and around the world. The linking of websites has been important for teacher support.

In numerous poorer areas of the world, individual access to computers at home is not yet affordable or practicable and internet access is generally unaffordable. However, CDs can often be read at local facilities where a computer can be accessed. A CD of the IHTEC website is being produced for schools that can’t afford the costly internet access, such as the Northern Schools in Ontario, villages in Africa, India, and the islands in the South Pacific.

IHTEC develops R-12 school programs. Anyone who may be interested in helping in this work, please contact Julia Morton-Marr, founding president of IHTEC: (905) 820-5067 or

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