Education Campaign on NMD and Weaponization of Space

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The project to develop an educational module for secondary school students is well underway. Beginning in November, trained volunteers will conduct presentations in high schools in Toronto and Vancouver on the topics of National Missile Defence and weapons in space. At this point, the core research document for the presentation kit has been completed, and covers topics such as the nuclear arms race that would result from a missile shield, the violation of UN treaties preventing the weaponization of space, and the technical fallacies of NMD. Currently, we are in the process of creating jazzy visual aids and interactive presenting methods in order to convey the information most effectively. Our goal is to motivate the students to positive action; we will refer them to both local and international NGOs currently making progress in the effort against NMD and the weaponization of space.

If you are interested in viewing our 15-page research document, or would like more information on the progress of the presentation kit, please contact Sidrah at

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