Roundtable on Energy and Climate Change

Derek Paul organized an event on Energy and Climate Change at Croft Chapter House, 24 January 2002

Global warming is taking place; thirty academies of science worldwide agree that the onset of climate change is very serious and that appropriate action needs to be taken. In any case, the precautionary principle must be applied to this complex issue.

Energy efficiency, and the switch to renewable resources are the main remedies for the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. However, political considerations are relevant too. The USA presents the major political obstacle toward ´appropriate action’ to mitigate climate change. The argument of invoking the precautionary principle is unlikely to work there. The route most likely to succeed is to emphasize the huge economic threat posed by the warming predicted for the centre of the North American continent. The discussions on the topic of energy and climate change continue, and the results will be presented at the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order. Please contact Derek at with contributions to this topic.

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