The Role of Media For Sustainability

This Round Table Workshop was organized by Rose Dyson on March 5th, 5-7:00 p.m.. It was held at Croft Chapter House, University College, University of Toronto. This is the fourth in a series so far this year held on a number of interconnected topics in preparation for the upcoming Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order: From Knowledge to Sound Policy and Action. May 30-June 2, 2002, Oakham House, Ryerson University, Toronto.

Speakers included: Julia Morton, convenor of workshop on education, Joan DeNew, Founder of Canadians Concerned About Violence In Entertainment, Eileen Shapero, current Vice President of C-CA VE, Eva Gerold, C-CAVE member and team member, corporate and business ethics project, St. Michael’ College, U of T.,and Chuck Hopkins, Sustainability Education Project, York University.

Rose Dyson presented some ideas from a new book published last fall, Media, Sex, Violence. and Drugs in the Global Village, by Rowman & Littlefield eds: Yahya R. Kamalipour and Kuldip R. Rampal, with special emphasis on a chapter by M. Mehdi Semati entitled: Sex, Violence and Terrorism in Hollywood’s Imagery. For Contributions to this topic please contact Rose at: .

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