Write a Letter to the PM about Nuclear Weapons and Climate

Hello, friends.

I hope you have a wonderful year and I hope you’ll forward this message to five (or 500) of your own friends and co-workers.

We held a successful forum in Toronto on zero nuclear weapons on November 13 and 14. I hope you will want to read about it and/or watch some of on video clips of sessions.

To do so, go to http://zeronuclearweapons.com and follow the instructions.

At the conclusion of the forum Douglas Roche urged us to launch a letter-writing campaign to the prime minister. If he receives 5,000 letters with the same approximate message, Mr. Roche is confident that he will take action. Hence, I am sending Mr Harper the following letter and I am asking you to do likewise, or write a different short one of your own, naming a particular child or children whom you cherish. Please send it by post, not fax or e-mail, then notify me by e-mail or send a copy of your letter. If you live in Canada and send it to parliament, you need not affix a stamp. I will keep tally until we reach 5,000. Please forward this to some of your friends, encouraging them to write to the prime minister too. If you belong to an organization, you may want to consider asking all other members to write such a letter. I also send a copy of the letter to the children or to their parents (for I shall be sending out one such letter every month) and of course you may send copies to other individuals as well.

Thank you,
Metta Spencer

Prime Minister Stephen Harper 13 January 2010
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister: Re: Aleksandra and Katarina Ajvazovic

I am writing on behalf of two young children whom I love dearly. I want them to grow up in a healthy, secure world. For their sake, I ask you to lead Canada in the following way:

a) To reduce carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere to 350 parts per million and

b) To begin work at the May 2010 review conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty on a nuclear weapon convention, with the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons from the planet by 2020.

Yours truly,

Metta Spencer
155 Marlee Ave. Apt. 201
Toronto, Ontario M6B 4B5


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