Mon, Jun 19, 2017: What Can We Learn from Gandhi? Countering Polarized Politics Today

Lecture and Potluck

6:00pm, Monday, June 19th, OISE Nexus Lounge, 252 Bloor St W

Around the world today, political discourse is polarized.

  • What would Gandhi have suggested as an antidote?
  • As a man deeply wedded to nonviolence, he would have regarded fear and hatred as reactions to injustice, economic inequality, and social shaming.
  • He would have advised us to counter this not with reactivity, but with nonviolence, compassion, and a reasoned strategy.
  • What would that look like?

Joining us for a meal and discussion are four Gandhian visitors from India. Two are leading educators and two are social activists:


Dr Anamik Shah
Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, one of the largest Gandhian Universities in India
William Baskaran
Professor of Gandhian Studies, Gandhi Gram University
Rajagopal P.V.
Founder of Ekta Parishad, one of the largest nonviolent land rights movments in India
Nicholas Barla
Indigenous Leader working against mining in indigenous regions of Orissa in eastern India


We will serve a potluck vegetarian meal at 6:00 pm, before the 7:00 panel discussion. If you are able to join Science for Peace and our other Indian guests for the dinner, please call Jill or Metta by Friday, June 16 for a reservation.

We will have a list of food options for you to choose to contribute. No charge, but we ask you to bring enough for five persons to share. Everyone is welcome.

Reservations are required for the potluck dinner

Jill Carr-Harris (647) 967-0962 | Metta Spencer (416) 789-2294

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