Wed, Nov 12, 2014: The Politics of Decay: Nuclear Nationalism

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Please join us on Wednesday, November 12th from 4:00 – 6:00 pm in Room 140 of University College, 15 Kings College Circle, University of Toronto for a lecture on

“The Politics of Decay: Nuclear Nationalism”


Emily Simmonds , Ph.D. Candidate in Science and Technology, York University

Students, faculty, and all concerned citizens are welcome. No charge. Bring a friend. This event is part of a weekly series that covers various topics related to human security. Please check our website for complete event listings:

  1. Tim Seitz

    We should not be building or refurbishing any more nuclear power plants for the following reasons; Nuclear waste is the only product of nuclear fissioning. Nuclear waste is destructive of all living things. The nuclear industry does not know how to undo all the nuclear waste that they produce. Nuclear waste cannot simply be buried and forgotten. Nuclear waste will defeat any material containment devised. Nuclear waste lasts virtually forever and will need to be managed forever. Nuclear warheads are fashioned from the nuclear waste produced in nuclear reactors.

  2. Candyce Paul

    We are a First Nations, Metis and northern settlers group, the Committee for Future Generations. We have been standing up to raise awareness in our communities, region, province and the nation to the impacts of uranium mining and the grave concerns of the proposed high-level Nuclear Waste Dump in Saskatchewan. 1:7 of our people are suffering from cancer and other non- HIV auto-immune deficiency diseases while the uranium industry is in a partnership with the northern health authorities and the Premier is marketing uranium to China and India. We will be bearing the impacts and effects of this industry for millennia while they laugh all of the way to their Swiss Bank Accounts.


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