The NPT, NATO and Canada: The Future of Nuclear Weapons

Chaired by Prof. Mel Watkins and Senator Doug Roche, members of Science for Peace and Canadian Pugwash, together with invited speakers, met to discuss the following questions:

  1. Given present tensions in the non-proliferation regime, what is the requirement for the success of the NPT 2000 Review?
  2. Given the NATO leadership’s reluctance to change the present Strategic Concept, what is required of NATO in order that its members be in compliance with Article VI of the NPT?
  3. Given Canada’s willingness to work with the New Agenda Coalition and to strengthen cooperation with Russia, what steps can be taken to persuade the Nuclear Weapons States to make an unequivocal commitment to commence negotiations leading to a program to eliminate nuclear weapons?

The seminar focused primarily on the role that Canada could play in the process of examining the future of nuclear weapons and suggesting ways to move towards their total abolition. The participants hope their strongly held views are both heard and inspire action by leaders and policy makers in the Canadian government.