Spring 2015 website upgrade

We have been future-proofing our website with new features; a more consistent look and feel; and better smartphone and tablet performance.1 We are also introducing a password-protected section which we hope will assist our membership in preparing for meetings, voting, and most importantly, getting in touch with other members.

Usernames and passwords were issued to all members on 30 April—this is what gives you access to the member resources as well as authorizing you to post to the SFP blog. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link below the login box at scienceforpeace.ca/members which will generate and mail you a temporary, random password. On your first login, you can use the ‘change your password’ link to change the temporary password for one of your choosing.

— Ken Simons, webmaster

1 While we have used mobile stylesheets for many years, their design was a bit of an afterthought. Now we not only have a mobile-friendly stylesheet but also a site framework which uses HTML5, the coding and page organization standard which is at the heart of most mobile web applications.