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On the anniversary of the terrible bombing of Nagasaki…

posted 2019-08-09 by Tamara Lorincz [Comments: 0]

My article on activism for nuclear disarmament “Canadian cities and citizens are demanding nuclear disarmament” was published with a different title in three newspapers today across Canada (Hamilton Spectator, Waterloo Record and Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald): I encourage you to read Alice Slater’s excellent, important article “Hiroshima Unlearned: Time to... Read more »

Understanding the current political/economic world — Quinn Slobodian’s Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism

posted 2019-03-17 by Judith Deutsch [Comments: 0]

Quinn Slobodian’s masterful exegesis, an old term befitting his subject, tells of the Ur group of thinkers who formulated the assumptions and prescriptions of global neoliberalism. This intellectual history tells of their underlying semi-delusional nostalgia for the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I when beliefs about the smooth... Read more »

Climate Crisis, Fascism and the End of Neoliberalism

posted 2019-03-08 by Richard Sandbrook [Comments: 0]

Unchecked climate change will, almost inevitably, galvanize fascism and bring an end to capitalism as we know it. Although the far right today comprises climate-change deniers, its leaders will see in the unfolding of climate change an unparalleled opportunity. Mass migrations, panic and economic crisis will spur a xenophobic and authoritarian... Read more »

Let Venezuelans Solve Venezuela’s Problems

posted 2019-02-15 by Science for Peace [Comments: 0]

by Adnan Zuberi for Science for Peace, February 2019 (français a suivre) Science for Peace deplores the steps taken in recent days by the Government of Canada to overturn the elected government of Venezuela.  Through the Lima Group and in direct communication with anti-government leaders in Venezuela, our Ministry of... Read more »

Gene Sharp has died and the world has lost a global educator

posted 2018-01-30 by Jørgen Johansen [Comments: 0]

Just a week after his 90th birthday Gene Sharp passed away. The journal New Statesman once described Gene Sharp as the “Machiavelli of Nonviolence” and Thomas Weber labelled him “the Clausewitz of Nonviolent Action.” Who was this man and what is his contribution to our understanding of the possibilities to use... Read more »

India and Pakistan’s Long-Awaited Full Membership to SCO Becomes Reality

posted 2017-06-10 by Nivedita Das Kundu [Comments: 0]

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has played a significant role in the region for past sixteen years. This year SCO Summit took place on 8-9 June 2017, in Astana. Expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization became inevitable due to its growing profile and significance. It was argued for many years... Read more »

Geopolitics of Northern Sea Route: Russia-China-India's Growing Interest in Arctic

posted 2017-05-09 by Nivedita Das Kundu [Comments: 0]

The Arctic is an ocean surrounded mostly by land and governed by the United Nations Conventions under the laws of the Sea (UNCLOS). The debate and discussions on Arctic has opened up many opportunities in the economic and commercial sectors of the Arctic members and the observer states. Arctic is... Read more »

India-China Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific Region: The 'Samudra Manthan'

posted 2017-05-05 by Nivedita Das Kundu [Comments: 0]

The phrase ‘Indo-Pacific’ has been drawing significant attention, due to number of reasons. In addition to being a geographical construct, the Indo-Pacific can also be seen as a changing network of Nations for strategic and security issues and concerns. The word Samudra Manthan, taken from the Indian Mythology means “churning of... Read more »

Humiliation and the Triumph of Donald Trump

posted 2016-11-12 by Metta Spencer [Comments: 0]

Yes, some people voted for Trump DESPITE their distaste for his vulgarity. But I think that his base supported him precisely BECAUSE of it. In fact, I think it may partly be an act he put on just to appeal to a certain group of Americans who are consistently... Read more »

The Challenges To Democracy In Myanmar

posted 2016-03-09 by Science for Peace [Comments: 0]

by Patrick Stafrace on Dec 6, 2015 On November 8th in Myanmar, The National League for Democracy (NLD)–inaugural democratic party of Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi–claimed a historic victory for the young democratic state, winning 60% of the national vote and ending decades of political struggle against unjust military rulers. For... Read more »

Donald Trump's Odious Pledge Stirs Memories of My Muslim and Arab Friends

posted 2016-02-19 by Science for Peace [Comments: 0]

by Pat Hynes The original article was posted here: Donald Trump’s odious, ugly American pledge to prohibit Muslims from entering our country stirred long-cherished memories of my Muslim and Arab students and friends. I am looking at 2 small cream-colored pillows nestled into corners of our living room chairs. They are embossed... Read more »

Hard Choices

posted 2016-01-11 by Metta Spencer [Comments: 0]

Speech to Voice of Women for Peace awards dinner, November 6, 2015 You’re going to hate this talk because I’m going to admit that I’m stuck and can’t propose any good options. In fact, I myself am not even sure what the least bad options are. Possibly you share... Read more »