Raging Storms and Rising Seas Swelling the Ranks of Climate Refugees

As yet another extreme weather event breaches the abilities of societies to cope, this work addresses the already-overwhelming pressures on peoples at the margins — of our rising oceans, of water and food security, and perhaps of our capacity for concern. “The country where rising seas threaten the most people is China, with 144 million potential climate refugees. India and Bangladesh are next, with 63 million and 62 million respectively. Viet Nam has 43 million vulnerable people, and Indonesia 42 million. Also in the top 10 are Japan with 30 million, Egypt with 26 million, and the United States with 23 million.” The article does not address the additional impact of encroaching salinization on coastal agriculture.
Link: http://www.earth-policy.org/book_bytes/2011/wotech6_ss1
Source: Earth Policy Institute / Lester R. Brown