Ocean Frontiers Working Group

Ocean Frontiers

world map with emphasis on oceans

A Science for Peace working group on Maritime & Human Security in the Global Ocean Frontiers of Territorial Conflicts

Ocean Frontier issues are transnational and global in scope, and are part of international security and peace studies. The territorial frontier issues in the global ocean commons include scientific and technological issues of seabed energy exploration, violence and pacification at disputed boundaries at sea, human and weapons trafficking, the threat of terrorism at sea, and militarization of strategic maritime regions of our world that affect human security and peace.

Our Mandate

This working group will share research knowledge on the scientific and technological practices, and policies affecting the stewardship of ocean ecology, maritime security and international peace, in order to facilitate and promote knowledge production on emerging issues of the 21st century in ocean space and resource governance.

This mandate stems from the recognition that the global commons of the Ocean is, today, not only a major source of oxygen and food for the human race, but also a critical space for enforcing national security, transnational maritime cooperation and geopolitical peace.

Working group methodology will include expert roundtables, educational workshops and scholarly publications.

This research group welcomes inter-disciplinary studies that engage with a range of critical approaches, including policy level research, epistemological and legal inquiry, political and environmental case study based discussions, geospatial analysis of ocean spaces and mappings of boundaries at sea.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage research experts, academic scholars, research students, and public officials in dialogues and discussion on critical issues affecting our ocean frontiers, in order to facilitate effective policy making on peaceful strategies for national and transnational ocean space governance, and foster international peace and security.

About Us

We are scholars, scientists, policy analysts, teaching faculty and doctoral students with research interest in transnational ocean space disputes affecting and shaping international relations, international norms of peacemaking, peacebuilding and international security.

Founded as a pan-university research and educational working group, our focus is on analysis and discussion of the following 5 aspects of militarized and industrialized ocean space:

  • National and International Ocean policy and governance
  • Science & Technology Issues in Maritime Boundary Conflicts and Seabed Resource Extraction
  • Military Security versus Human Security
  • Trafficking of Humans, Goods and Weapons at Sea
  • Peace Norms and Peace Regimes across Ocean Geopolitics

We function as a networked group online, and meet regularly on a monthly basis during the academic year to discuss research papers and/or to plan events, such as an annual research workshop, teaching term guest lectures, and round table dialogues with faculty and students.

The annual workshop on the Geopolitics of Ocean Frontiers is being planned and designed to be a premier intellectual forum for debate and discussions on ocean frontier challenges of the 21st century, engaging public officials, media correspondents, and research scholars, for fostering better policies on peaceful transnational relations, human security and international cooperation.

For further details, pls. contact:

Venilla Rajaguru: venilla@yorku.ca