Mon, Aug 18, 2014: Nuclear Weapons Working Group Meeting - August 18th, 2014

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From Metta Spencer (Vice President of Science for Peace)

The Nuclear Weapons Working Group will meet next at 7pm on Monday, August 18 in the Party Room of my condo. We now have a planning subcommittee (chaired by Ron Shirtliff) that’s hard at work looking into various possible ways of observing Sept. 26, The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. I have contacted two student organizations that may possibly be participating.

Here’s a problem for someone to solve, now that we are sizeable enough to need to meet in the party room. Neil Arya cannot attend our group in person but has joined us by Skype twice. This last time worked for a while on my iPad, but then it collapsed inexplicably. Later I found out that I had used up my monthly quota of cell phone data for the iPad. Unfortunately, the party room does not have WiFi. My apartment does, but the party room is not close enough. How can we connect to Neil and others? There must be a way. Maybe if we just have audio connectivity over a cell phone that will work, but video apparently consumes too much connectivity time. The first person who comes up with a solution will get an extra cookie.

And if you bring cookies or juice or something, that will be fine. It’s the organizing of snack food and moving it downstairs that I find daunting. Here are directions again. Notice that I gave the wrong buzz code last time. It is supposed to be 370.

Directions to Metta’s party room:

My address 155 Marlee Ave. Toronto. (It’s a high-rise condo.) Door code to party room: 370. My landline phone: 416 789 2294. My cell phone when we’re in the party room: 416 994-4149.

By subway:

The Glencairn subway station is a five-minute walk from my apartment building for someone of average robustness Come out its south exit to Viewmount, walk right (west) half a block to Marlee. Go left (south) to first high-rise, Buzz 370 (the code for the party room). Facing the elevator, turn left and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.

By car from central downtown Toronto:

Driving north on Bathurst, cross Eglinton and drive another six blocks or so. On your right you pass a Catholic church. The next street is St. Clements on the right but is called Ridelle on the left. Turn left onto Ridelle, drive until you get close to the first signal light, but before reaching it, turn right into the underground parking labeled “155 Marlee.” (There are two underground parking entrances side by side so if you take the first one you will wind up in the wrong building.) Park and buzz 370 (the code for the party room). When I let you in, go to main floor. As you leave the elevator turn right and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.

By car from Hwy 401:

Take Allen Road southbound. Exit at Lawrence to go west (right lane). But when you get onto Lawrence, immediately get into the left lane because you want to turn left onto Marlee within a few yards. Go south on Marlee to Ridelle, then left and immediately left again into the underground parking. Park and buzz 370 to request entry. Go to main floor. When you leave elevator turn right and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.

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