Tue, Oct 28, 2014: Nuclear Weapons Working Group meeting

So far, most of you who have replied to my query indicate that you are satisfied with the afternoon time schedule, with the location, and with the present organizational system. I expect to hear from more of you, but there is enough feedback to go ahead with plans for the next meeting. Hence:

We will hold the next meeting of Science for Peace’s Nuclear Weapons Working Group on Tuesday Oct 28 from 4- 6 pm in the usual place — the party room at 155 Marlee Avenue.

In our last meeting we reviewed the results of our “John Oliver” leafleting campaign and judged them gratifying. Apparently some 250 people went to the web site. We cannot tell how many went there because of the leaflets and how many were attracted in other ways, but we feel that the response was nearly 10 percent, which is quite good. We have some leaflets left over; since they do not become obsolete, we can use them up over time.

On the weekend of Oct 25 and 26th, Metta and Rob Acheson will attend the “Rendezvous Ottawa 2014” conference in Ottawa, which will provide a preliminary briefing about the Vienna conference that will take place at the end of November and early December. If you are interested in attending, please check the Rendezvousottawa web site. Since our meeting will immediately follow that, we should be in a position to discuss the plans for the upcoming Vienna meeting. My guess is that at our Oct 28 meeting we may decide to adopt as our next group action a publicity blitz to try to draw attention of the press to this important series of meetings.

Cesar Jaramillo is very up=to-date in his awareness of these negotiations and intends to go to Vienna. He has offered to meet with our group. Cesar, the management of my condo will let us run an etherwire connection from the office to the party room, so if you would like to participate via Skype on my laptop, that will work. But of course if you want to attend in person, that’s wonderful too. Just let me know your preference.

Directions to Metta’s party room:

My address 155 Marlee Ave. Toronto. (It’s a high-rise condo.) Door code to party room: 370. My landline phone: 416 789 2294. My cell phone when we’re in the party room: 416 994-4149.

By subway:

The Glencairn subway station is a five-minute walk from my apartment building for someone of average robustness Come out its south exit to Viewmount, walk right (west) half a block to Marlee. Go left (south) to first high-rise, Buzz 370 (the code for the party room). Facing the elevator, turn left and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.

_By car from central downtown Toronto: _

Driving north on Bathurst, cross Eglinton and drive another six blocks or so. On your right you pass a Catholic church. The next street is St. Clements on the right but is called Ridelle on the left. Turn left onto Ridelle, drive until you get close to the first signal light, but before reaching it, turn right into the underground parking labeled “155 Marlee.” (There are two underground parking entrances side by side so if you take the first one you will wind up in the wrong building.) Park and buzz 370 (the code for the party room). When I let you in, go to main floor. As you leave the elevator turn right and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.

By car from Hwy 401:

Take Allen Road southbound. Exit at Lawrence to go west (right lane). But when you get onto Lawrence, immediately get into the left lane because you want to turn left onto Marlee within a few yards. Go south on Marlee to Ridelle, then left and immediately left again into the underground parking. Park and buzz 370 to request entry. Go to main floor. When you leave elevator turn right and walk down the hall to the party room on your left.