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Science for Peace members organize and host many Meetings, Forums, Workshops and Teach-Ins where important peace and justice issues are discussed. From time to time, we join with other groups — in particular, with the Canadian Pugwash Group — as co-sponsors and co-organizers. These events are typically open to the public who are also encouraged to participate in the planning and in the event itself.

The Eric Fawcett Memorial Forum, held annually, honours Science for Peace’s co-founder, and deals with subjects important to civil society and with the Government of Canada. This forum includes presentation of papers by scholars, discussions, and an interface with government officials and policy makers.


Nonviolent Action in a Dangerous Age

8 January

Why should we in the Western liberal democracies be interested in nonviolent action? Sure, if you want to participate in anti-globalization protests, block pipeline construction, vent against the one percent, or support indigenous demonstrations or Black Lives Matter you’d be interested, But what about the rest of us?


Activism and the Politics of the Possible

11 December

Activism is a serious business when we contemplate the future. But it is not the whole story. Anyone involved in campaigns will talk about the frustrations and difficulties, but also the rewards. They include camaraderie, a strong sense of purpose, the elation of nonviolent protests and demonstrations, and, to be frank, the parties. The pursuit of the politics of the possible is serious, but that’s not to say it can’t be fun.


The How to Save the World in a Hurry

30 May

The How to Save the World in a Hurry conference met at University College on 30-31 May 2018.

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