Press Release: Government neglect and ignorance about climate change

Academics from universities throughout Canada are demanding immediate, informed and responsible action on climate change. Canada’s 41st Parliament convenes on June 2, following the complete omission during the current election process of any discussion about climate change. All pales against this gravest environmental and social justice threat ever faced by humanity.

Canada initially supported science-based recommendations in the 1990s. Since then Canada has worked to obstruct mandatory emission reductions and has in fact significantly hastened the threat of uncontrollable, runaway climate change through the tar sands industry. In addition to the direct emissions from dirty tar sands oil, the extraction process requires enormous quantities of carbon-based energy, deforestation destroys a major resource for absorbing atmospheric carbon, water needed for agriculture is irretrievably lost because of the polluting extraction process. Water supplies are not unlimited, and are growing scarcer with changing climate.

The open letter states: “It is especially grotesque that when life is endangered, death should be given priority: the military is entirely exempt under the Kyoto Protocol. The U.S. armed forces constitute the largest single consumer of oil in the world, using one quarter of the world’s jet fuel. In the first three weeks of “Shock and Awe” in Iraq, they burned 40 million gallons of fuel, as much as was used in all of World War I.”

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