Evolving with the Times

On behalf of my late parents, John and Lois Dove, I send you 30th birthday greetings from Berlin, Germany.

My parents were active in Science for Peace in the 1980s until their deaths in a motor vehicle accident in 1989 at the ages of 56 and 57. At that time, Science for Peace was mainly pre-occupied with East-West tensions and the risk of nuclear war. Now in 2011, in a very different world, I am temporarily living a stone’s throw from the Berlin Wall Memorial in the formerly eastern part of a re-united city and country. This city contains many layers of history which serve as a reminder of the long-lasting consequences of war. We must always be striving for peace.

Since 1989, Science for Peace has evolved with the times and has transferred its focus onto contemporary issues. I will celebrate your 30th birthday with you from afar and wish you all the best for another 30 years of working towards peace.

With warmest regards from Marion Dove