Do You Like Nuclear Bombs? If not, let’s eliminate them from the planet!

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For the first time in many years there’s a realistic chance to do that! In October the U.N. General Assembly may vote on whether to hold a conference in 2017, open to all States, international organizations and civil society, to negotiate a legally-binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons. All countries with nuclear weapons would be required to eliminate them according to a timetable. All other countries, including Canada, would be monitored to make sure they are following the agreement.

Polls show that 90 percent of Canadians favor this idea, but the Canadian government seems likely to vote against it. So let’s fill Prime Minister Trudeau’s office by mid-September with a truckload of letters telling him to vote for it, and urging Canada to take the lead in abolishing all nuclear weapons. Here’s how to do your part:

  1. Write in your own words a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau—it can be as short as one sentence—politely asking him to take the lead in getting a treaty to prohibit and eliminate all nuclear weapons. Sign it.
  2. Address the envelope to his office at 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2. You don’t need to put a stamp on it. Write your name and return address on the envelope. Mail it.
  3. Urge other people to do the same. Devote 20 minutes a day contacting people for a month. Make it easy. It helps if you address a few envelopes, put a sheet of paper in each one, and carry them with you to your office, church, or yoga class. Ask the pizza delivery guy to write one before he leaves, and mail it for him. Post this on your website. For more info: and

Feel free to use the comments section on this page to report back on your letter-writing and related activities for a nuclear weapons ban. (Anyone can post and read comments on this page, including non-members.)


  1. joebrownscience

    Consider reading “On Saving the Moon” You are welcome to contact me for any questions.

  2. Vern Paetkau

    The world would be a better place without nuclear weapons, no question. But how do we get all countries to comply? Kim Jong-Un comes to mind as one who is unlikely to obey any international instrument for nuclear weapons reductions. Wouldn’t a more effective approach be, to gradually force the reduction of materials necessary for bomb-building? And to re-direct (in my view essential) nuclear power installations toward thorium-cycle platforms?

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