Thu, Dec 14, 2017: Book launch: "A Leap to an Ecological Economy" by Derek Paul

Invitation to a Book Launch, 14 Dec 2017

At Sidney Smith Hall, room 1072 first floor, Huron St (between Harbord and Willcocks Sts), from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Derek Paul (Prof. Emeritus, U of T., now living in Montreal) has written a book on the importance of switching to an ecological economy, based on the impossibility of addressing climate change and of attaining sustainability while saddled with the traditional economy. Many economists have written good stuff on this subject, but none of them has yet painted the whole picture. Derek’s new book, A Leap to an Ecological Economy, does this for the general reader, and runs to a mere 141 pp.

Of the sixteen changes that will be needed to achieve a fully ecological economy, the most important is the change of paradigm: see also the paper “A Holistic Paradigm for the 21st Century,” by Phyllis Creighton and Derek Paul: on

The website will also give readers a good glimpse of the contents of the new book, which contains much good news, while not hiding the very real threats.

Derek will speak briefly at the launch on what is new and relevant that he has learned since A Leap was published (18 October 2017). [He will also bring a few copies of his play, “Love’s Labours Regained,” published 1 Sept. 2017]

Public transportation: the nearest streetcar stop is at Spadina Ave and Willcocks St. The streetcar and bus stops at Spadina and Harbord are almost as close. People choosing to walk from the University subway stop can take short cuts by starting north-westward, east of the university buildings and cutting between buildings and diagonally across the campus.