Confronting a Nuclear Age lecture series

University College, Winter term 2013. Free weekly public lectures, from 3-5pm in Room 044 of University College at the University of Toronto (15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON, M5S 3H7).

_Note: This series ran in parallel with the Vital Discussions of Human Security evening lecture series. Two lectures were shared between the two series (28 Feb and 7 Mar), both in the evening slot.

10 Jan 2013:
Risk Awareness
Metta Spencer
17 Jan 2013:
The Discovery of Nuclear Fission and the Development of the Bombs
Anna Jaikaran, Martha Goodings
24 Jan 2013:
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Walter Dorn
31 Jan 2013:
The Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Regime
Cesar Jaramillo
7 Feb 2013:
Toward Nuclear Disarmament
Vinay Jindal, Barbara Birkett
14 Feb 2013:
Concerns About Fukushima and Clandestine Nuclear Activities
Shawn-Patrick Stensil
28 Feb 2013:
The Nuclear Safety Issue
J.C. Luxat, Professor of Nuclear Safety, McMaster U, and Richard Denton, M.D. President, Physicians for Global Survival
7 Mar 2013:
Can We Be Free of Nuclear Weapons and Still Have Nuclear Power?
Gordon Edwards, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
14 Mar 2013:
Choosing Energy Sources and Incentivizing Conservation
José Etcheverry
21 Mar 2013:
Frank Sommers
28 Mar 2013:
Thorium Reactors
Michael McNamee
4 Apr 2013:
Necessary Changes in the Human Future
Derek Paul