Thu, Feb 14, 2013: Confronting a Nuclear Age: Concerns About Fukushima and Clandestine Nuclear Activities

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Join us for a free public lecture at 3-5pm on February 14th, 2013 in Room 044 (east end of the building in the basement) at University College, 15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON by:

Shawn-Patrick Stensil


Concerns About Fukushima and Clandestine Nuclear Activities

The Fukushima disaster. Dirty bombs. Nuclear contraband. A.Q. Khan.

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This lecture is part of the series Confronting a Nuclear Age which is co-sponsored by University College Health Studies Programme, Canadian Pugwash Group, Science for Peace and Voice of Women for Peace.


Shawn Patrick Stensil is an energy and climate campaigner with Greenpeace Canada. His campaign work focuses on building a sustainable, nuclear free and climate friendly energy system in Ontario. He specializes in nuclear issues.

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