Thu, Nov 22, 2012: Biochar and Food Security: Dealing with the Droughts

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Join us for a free public lecture at 7-9pm on November 22nd, 2012 in Room 144 (east end of the building on the ground floor) at University College, 15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON by:

Lloyd Helferty, Engineering Technologist, Steering Committee – Biochar Consulting


Biochar and Food Security: Dealing with the Droughts


Lloyd is the founder and President of Biochar-Ontario, is on the Steering Committee of the Canadian Biochar Initiative [CBI], and is an Advisory Committee member of the International Biochar Initiative.

Lloyd also runs his own private consultancy (Biochar Consulting,) where he provides advice and consulting services for clients who wish to undertake projects for land rehabilitation and remediation, for those who wish to undertake field trials with biochar, or for those who wish to monetize their carbon offsets, in addition to providing system integration, application, design and other services to clients from around the world.

Lloyd has completed Renewable Energy training workshops offered by the Kortright Centre for Conservation and is an advocate for the smart and sustainable use of technology, energy conservation, renewable energy, good community design, and the re-naturalization of our towns and cities. His most recent involvement in supporting small stove projects in Haiti and Africa is the latest of his many efforts at attempting to achieve some measure of sustainability within his community and around the world.

About this lecture series
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Co-Sponsored by University College Health Studies Programme, Canadian Pugwash Group, Science for Peace and Voice of Women for Peace.

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