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I have now completed scanning, converting, and archiving all issues of the SfP Bulletin from Vol.1 No.1 (May 20, 1981) to the end of Vol.19 (1999). We invite you to browse these issues at All issues are listed in reverse chronological order, so be sure to keep scrolling until you get to year which interests you.

Here are a few readers’ notes to assist you in getting the most out of these archives:

  1. If you are mainly interested in browsing whole issues, we suggest that you click on the “Whole issue on one page” link immediately under the issue’s title.
  2. All issues can be read in a PDF version as well as a searchable text version. In most cases, the PDF is an image scan, which makes it less useful for reading on screen but is a more faithful reproduction of the original.
  3. For ease of reading, and to keep the site a manageable size, the text versions:
    • do not include some ephemeral matter (contact lists are sometimes included but many are omitted. Old phone numbers, not to mention old Bitnet addresses, are no longer useful and can be a hindrance or a nuisance when left on a website),
    • do not include graphics or their captions,
    • run in a different order in some cases — for instance, small items which are presented without titles are often aggregated in a longer section (‘notes’ or ‘notices’),
    • similarly, I created generic titles for some previously untitled articles, letters, etc.
  4. From 1981 to the middle of 1984, the Bulletin issues had a fairly strict structure where every article had a catalogue number beginning with the year of publication followed by a two-digit item number. While I preserved the number prefixes on these titles — they are sometimes cross-referenced within an issue or volume — the actual running order has been changed, in some cases radically.
  5. A few issues had very small or broken type, which presented challenges for optical character recognition and the subsequent editing and tidying-up of these issues. We welcome any volunteer help in proofing and correcting these issues.
  6. The SfP office was missing copies of the following issues: Vol.5 No.2 to Vol.5 No.4 and Vol.5 No.6 to Vol.5 No.9. If you can help, please let us know.
  7. It also appears that no issues were published during the year 2001 (Vol.21).
  8. Issues of the Bulletin were often mailed with enclosures—these are often mentioned in the text but, sadly, are not available online. Similarly, many issues have lists of publications which can be ordered from the office — these are preserved only for historical interest, as in most cases the documents themselves no longer exist.

—Ken Simons, webmaster


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