Wed, Jun 22, 2016: Annual General Meeting 2016

Please join us for the Science for Peace Annual General Meeting:
June 22nd from 6:00-8:00pm.
Room: Croft Chapter House (UC183) of University College
15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON
All Science for Peace members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For those who would like to connect to the meeting via telephone or Skype, please contact Bryan Eelhart, the Science for Peace Coordinator, at or 416-978-3606.

Draft Agenda

Science for Peace – Annual General Meeting 2016
June 22, 2016, from 6-8 pm
Croft Chapter House, University College 183
15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Business arising
4. President’s Report (Metta Spencer)
5. Treasurer’s Report (Bill Browett)

a) Overall picture

b) Budget for 2016 for approval

c) Peter Nicholls bequest

6. Reports of Committees:

a) Report of Endorsement Committee (Judy Deutsch)

b) Communications Committee (Bill Browett)

c) Publications Committee (Martin Klein)

d) Report of Nominations and Election Committee (Bryan Eelhart)

7. Election of Board members
8. Appointment of new Nominations and Election Committee
9. Establish position of Coordinator of Working Groups on Executive
10. Reports of Working Groups:

11. Proposal re common administrative structure of Working Groups (Metta Spencer)
12. Brainstorming around potential other Working Groups
13. Letter to Trudeau re NATO exercises (Chandler Davis)
14. Defence Policy Review (Judy Deutsch)
15. Reports of Reps:

a) UN Reps (Walter Dorn)

b) CNANW Reps (Rob Acheson)

16. Other business

The new board will have a short board meeting right after the AGM.