Sat, Jun 01, 2013: 2013 AGM

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Please join us for the 2013 Science for Peace Annual General Meeting on June 1st, 2013 in the North Dining Room of Hart House (7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON) at 2pm.

At 3:30pm Najib Safieddine will give a lecture: “Many Questions, Some Answers” about the situation in Syria

Links to the Agenda and reports will are posted on this page as they are finalized.

Please contact Bryan Eelhart, the Science for Peace Coordinator, for more information on how you can participate remotely: or 416-978-3606.

2013 AGM Draft Agenda

2012 AGM Minutes

President’s Report

Treasuer’s Report

Blumenfeld Fund Report

Nominations Committee Report

CURRENTS Working Group and World Cafe Report

StudentsCAN Report

Freedom for Research Working Group Report

Muzzling of Science Working Group Report

Two Weekly Lecture Series Report

Climate Justice Course 2013-2014

Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Report

International Peace Bureau Report

NPT Prep Com Report

Endorsement Committee Report

Global Issues Project Report

  1. Brydon Gombay

    I am so impressed by all the hard work everyone has done this year. Bravo!

  2. Robert Korol

    I agree with Brydon on the accomplishments made. May I just add a note about what may be missing in the Nuclear Weapons report, and that is the category that has escaped the radar screen of most, i.e. depleted (or enhanced) uranium weapons that have been used by our allies since the early 90s in Iraq and very likely (remaining to be verified) are major contributors to PTSD suffered by our personnel and especially U.S. vets who have had their claims recognized (numbering in the hundreds of thousands!). Is that why President Obama wants “no boots on the ground”? in future wars (Syria being mentioned in an article forwarded by Ed Daniel)?


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