Fri, Jun 01, 2012: 2012 Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting

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Join us for our Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Friday June 1st, 2012 to be held at the South Dining Room of Hart House (7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto).


Science for Peace – Annual General Meeting
June 1, 2012, South Dining Room, Hart House, 7 pm – 9 pm

Please note:
At 8 pm, Patricia Hynes will talk to us about
“Militarism: Culture and Climate Change”
Pre-recorded talk
A discussion will follow

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes (appended )
3. Business arising (a) Constitution (Margrit Eichler – materials appended ) (b) Other?
4. President’s Report (Judy Deutsch – report appended )
5. Treasurer’s Report (Chandler Davis – report appended )
6. Blumenfeld Fund Report (Frank Cunningham – report appended )

Reports of Committees:
7. Nominations Committee Report (Anna Jaikaran)
8. Publications Committee Report (Chandler Davis)

Reports of Working Groups and Projects (1 minute each for summary, 2 minutes for questions):
9. Working Group on Climate Justice (Judy Deutsch – report appended )
10. Global Issues Project (Derek Paul – report appended )
11. Human Rights and Social Justice Working Group Report (Dieter Misgeld – report appended )
12. StudentsCAN report (Margrit Eichler – report appended )
13. Muzzling of Science Working Group (Margrit Eichler – report appended )
14. Weekly Seminar Series (Metta Spencer – report appended )
15. Corporatization of the University (John Valleau and Paul Hamel)

Reports of Reps (1 minute each for summary, 2 minutes for questions):
16. UN Rep (Walter Dorn)
17. CNANW Reps (Anna Jaikaran and Phyllis Creighton – report appended )
18. IPB Rep (Metta Spencer – report appended )
19. Motion that SfP:
“Investigate the possibility of SfP, CPC and Ceasefire collaborating to ask all federal parties to oppose Canada’s involvement in NATO if that body takes military action against the present government of Syria.” (Bob Korol)
20. Other business

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