Moving Notice

We will be packing and moving the contents of the Science for Peace office during the first and second week of July. If you can help pack, please show up at the office on Thursday July 4 or Friday July 5 between 10 and 5. (No heavy lifting involved just packing) I am away on vacation next week June 24-28 and will not get your tel. or e-messages until my return to the office on Thursday July 4. If you want a physical work out you can help us carry boxes to the new office on the 3rd floor on Thursday, July 11 . Please arrange with Paul Hamel at 978- 8741. For those of you from points far from Toronto you can wish us good luck.We are currently in Rm H02 and will be moving to Rm A306 in University College. Our mailing address and tel. number remain the same.